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Business rates forms and discounts

You may be eligible for various types of discounts or relief. See the list below for a list of forms:


Charity relief

If a property is occupied by a charity and used for charitable purposes 80% mandatory rate relief will be granted.

Direct debit mandate

Set up a direct debit to pay your rates (Direct Debit taken 1st of each month).

Discretionary relief

If a property is occupied by a non-profit making organisation (e.g. a sports club) the ratepayer can apply for discretionary rate relief.

Hardship relief

A ratepayer can apply for discretionary relief if they can prove they're suffering from severe hardship and that it is in the interests of local council tax payers to grant relief.

New or altered property

Registered community amateur sports club relief

If a property is occupied by a Registered CASC 80% mandatory rate relief will be granted.

Rural rate relief

If a property is the only post office, general store, public house or petrol filling station situated in a settlement appearing on the rural settlement list the ratepayer will be eligible for 50% mandatory relief. We have the discretion to grant up to 100%. Both mandatory and discretionary relief are subject to rateable value restrictions. See if your business is in a qualifying area:

Section 44a Relief

A property which is partially empty for a short period of time can be granted relief on the unoccupied portion at the discretion of the billing authority based on a certificate issued by a Valuation Officer.


Attention: Following a change in rates legislation; please read the downloadable notes below before making an application for 44a.


Small Business Rate Relief

If a ratepayer occupies either a single property with a Rateable Value (RV) less than £15,000 or a main property plus additional properties with RV's less than £2,200 totalling less than £15,000, the ratepayer can apply for mandatory rate relief. Eligible ratepayers will receive 50% relief on properties less than £5,000. Properties with RV's between £5,000 and £9,999 may be eligible for a tapered relief and properties over £10,000 will be calculated using the lower, Small-Business Rates multiplier.

Unoccupied property relief

All empty properties are exempt of rates for a short period starting from when they first fall empty. It is a 3 month exemption for shops and offices, and 6 months for industrial premises (factories, workshops and warehouses). After the exemption period, the premises will be billed at a rate equivalent to the occupied charge. Certain classes of property are exempt for however long they remain unused - please contact the Business Rates office via the benefits and payments enquiry form or on 01695 585036 for more information.

Vacation form

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Last Updated: 1/21/2014

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