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Single Person Discount Review

A full council tax bill is based on two or more adults living in a household. If you are the only person aged 18 or over living in a property, you are entitled to a 'single person discount' of 25%. West Lancashire Borough Council is reviewing this discount to ensure that those entitled to receive it continue to do so whilst also ensuring public money is spent appropriately and fraud is kept to a minimum.

What should you do now?

If you receive a letter, please confirm your current details by clicking on the Single Person's Discount Review link below.

To access your form you will need to enter your unique PIN number. You can find this PIN number on the letter we have sent to you.

Alternatively, you can complete the form attached to the letter and return it in the freepost envelope provided.

More about the Single Person's Discount review

Checks will be made to ensure everyone who claims the discount is genuine. However, occasionally circumstances may not be so easy to explain. To help in these situations we have included the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout this review period.

If you have any questions regarding the form or require further information click on the link below to access the frequently asked questions page.