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Getting back to work

We are working with the Department for Work and Pensions to provide support and assistance to any of our tenants who want to get back into work.

What we do

We offer a free, independent and confidential advice service, aiming to generate a better awareness of your personal finances and help you to understand the impact of monthly wage payments or Universal Credit payments.

We can also provide you with a 'better off' calculation to help you realise the financial benefits of returning to work and put you in touch with the right organisations to give you the best support possible with things like:

  • Improving your CV
  • IT support and training courses
  • Help with job searches, training and work experience opportunities
  • Setting up an appropriate email address
  • Getting a bank account
  • Identifying your priority debts
  • Debt issues
  • Poverty issues
  • Money advice service
  • Energy efficiency

If you would like to benefit from our free advice service please contact Carl Wallace.
Email: carl.wallace@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585230

Alternatively, we offer a drop in service at our Customer Service Point at the Concourse on a Wednesday and Friday, 10.00am - 1.00pm.