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Pet shop

A licence is required to authorise the sale of animals as pets. This includes all commercial selling of pet animals from premises of any nature (including private dwellings), such as pet shops and businesses selling animals over the internet.



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Pet shop licence: £163.31 plus vet fee if required. Licences last for 12 months.

The licence fee of £163.31 is comprised of (a) an initial fee of £103.87 and (b) a successful application fee of £59.44. For ease, the full licence fee can be paid on application. In such cases, fee (b) would be refunded if your application is refused.

If you wish to pay fee (a) and fee (b) separately, please contact the Licensing Service. Fee (a) should be paid on application and fee (b) should be paid if your licence is granted.  

Please note that successful applicants will not be issued with a licence without payment of the fee in full.

Will tacit consent apply?

The Council will undertake an inspection of the premises. Only if the inspection is satisfactory will the licence be granted and issued.