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Contact the Licensing Service

For further information, please use the Licensing Contact Form or contact one of our Licensing team:

Samantha Jordan, Senior Licensing Officer
Tel: 01695 577177 ext 5315
Email: samantha.jordan@westlancs.gov.uk


Michaela Murray, Senior Licensing Officer
Tel: 01695 577177 ext 5326
Email: michaela.murray@westlancs.gov.uk


Sarah O'Donnell, Licensing Assistant

Tel: 01695 577177 ext 5328

Email: sarah.o'donnell@westlancs.gov.uk


Antony Denton, Licensing Assistant

Tel: 01695 585015

Email: antony.denton@westlancs.gov.uk


Phil May, Environmental Health Assistant (animal welfare)
Tel: 01695 577177 ext 5647
Email: phil.may@westlancs.gov.uk

Alternatively, contact Paul Charlson, the Commercial, Safety and Licensing Manager
Tel: 01695 585246
Email: paul.charlson@westlancs.gov.uk

Our address is:
West Lancashire Borough Council - Licensing Service, Robert Hodge Centre, Stanley way, Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, WN8 8EE
Tel: 01695 577177
Fax: 01695 585126
Email: licensing.enquiries@westlancs.gov.uk


Last Updated: 1/29/2014

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