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Street trading

Street Trading is defined as 'the selling or exposing or offering for sale of any article (including a living thing) in a street.'


Designation of streets

A 'Street' includes any road, footway or other area to which the public have access without payment. Therefore, the Street Trading controls can also apply to public and private car parks, shopping centres and leisure areas.


Consent streets

The consent streets in West Lancashire are all streets other than 'prohibited' streets. Therefore consent streets include all forecourts, roads, footways or other areas adjacent to the streets, including car parks.

The whole of the District of West Lancashire is a 'consent area' and to trade in any of the above described areas without a Consent is an offence. Anyone, or their operatives, found guilty of this offence are liable to prosecution and, upon summary conviction, can be fined £1000.


What do I need to apply for a street trading consent?

To apply for street trading consent, you are required to provide the following:

  • A completed application form
  • 2 passport sized photographs of the operator and all staff
  • A Statutory Declaration from all staff
  • Public Liability Insurance of no less than £2million
  • Employers Liability Insurance (if applicable)
  • Valid drivers licence for driver(s) of the towing vehicle
  • A valid certificate of insurance, MOT certificate and registration certificate for the towing vehicle
  • A certificate of compliance (available from our Commercial Safety Service)
  • The fee of £538.53

Other street trading fees

The following fees will be applicable to existing Street Trading Consent holders:

  • Renewal of Street Trading Consent: £538.53
  • Variation of existing Street Trading Consent: £42.89
  • Replacement Street Trading plate: £42.89


By post:

Will tacit consent apply?

Applications for a Street Trading Consent can take 4 weeks to process, if the vehicle/trailer/stall requires inspection. If your application is refused and you disagree with this decision, the application will be forwarded to the Council’s Licensing and Appeals Committee for determination.

Tacit Consent will not apply due to public safety.


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Last Updated: 1/29/2014

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