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Tender assessment criteria

In the tendering process, each tender is evaluated according to predetermined criteria. These will be stated in the appropriate Notice or the Tender Documents. This allows companies to define their offer accurately and to see exactly against what assessment criteria the Council will use.

Each tender will contain a detailed specification of the goods or service required and this will provide a major element of the assessment criteria. However, assuming the tender meets the specification, other aspects will also be evaluated. These can include:

  • Status of company
  • Company profile
  • Financial viability
  • Quality assurance procedures and status
  • Technical ability and flexibility for change
  • Experience of successful completion of similar contracts
  • Health and Safety policies
  • Equal Opportunities for staff
  • Reference sites
  • Delivery lead times and performance
  • Environmental issues
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Management information
  • Resources available to support a flexible approach

Goods/services offered

  • Extent to which they meet the minimum requirement
  • Qualities above the minimum requirement that offer better value for money
  • Conformity to standards
  • Support arrangements

Cost of acquisition

  • Initial price
  • Conditions of price (e.g. fixed, with or without variation, etc.)
  • Payment terms
  • Warranties and Guarantees offered
  • Support costs

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Last Updated: 7/7/2010

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