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Bulky item collections

If you've got some household rubbish that's too big for your bin - like an old fridge, television, a mattress or a chair - we can collect it.


How to arrange a collection

You must pay for your bulky item collection before a booking can be placed. Refunds cannot be provided.

When you book your collection you need to tell us exactly which items you want removed. Any items that are not accounted for will not be collected.

Please make sure the items are outside your house, but still on your property, by 7.00am on the day of collection. If you live in a council flat, or a private flat within a council block, please do not place items outside your front door, on the landings or in any communal area before the morning of the collection (this is in breach of tenancy conditions and fire regulations).


When do we collect?

Your collection will be made on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, depending on where you live - you will be told your day at the time of booking. Bookings are made a week in advance, so if you make a booking any time between Monday and Friday at 12.00pm of one week, your collection will take place the following week.


We do not collect on Bank Holidays.


How much does it cost?

1-5 items = £13

6-10 items = £25.50

Over ten items =  please call Customer Services on 01695 577177 for a quote


Example of item units:

  • 3 piece suite = 3 items
  • Bed (base and mattress) = 2 items
  • Pieces of wood securely tied into bundles = 1 item (if these items are not securely tied together they will not be removed)
  • Wardrobes = 1 item (if it’s smashed up it needs to be in a bundle)

Mastercard/Visa credit cards: Please note a charge will be made for payments made via credit card.


Additional items for collection

If you have booked a collection for less than 5 items and want to add more to it, you must call customer services on 01695 577177 before 12.00pm the working day before the collection is scheduled for.

What can’t be collected

We will not collect building materials, metal, engine oil, car parts, glass, asbestos, pressurised gas containers, corrosive or other dangerous chemicals. You may be able to take some of these items to your local household waste recycling centre - please check what they accept before making a journey.

Please note we cannot do house clearances.


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Last Updated: 3/27/2013

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