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Viewing of West Lancashire Public Registers

All sites in West Lancashire that have permits from either the Local Authority or the Environment Agency are listed on a public register. The register contains copies of the permits as well as other information such as any pollution monitoring results that companies have had to carry out.


To view the register:

  • A copy of the register is available for public inspection during normal weekday working hours at the Environmental Health offices at Westec House, Derby Street, Ormskirk. It is advisable to contact us first to arrange an appointment.

To view a full list of companies that currently have a permit you can:

  • Use the contact details below to request an email version of the list
  • Use the contact details below to request a paper copy of the list (please note there will be a small charge for this service).

Viewing of Environment Agency Public Registers

Under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 the regulator is required to maintain a public register of information relating to regulated facilities.


As of 1 October 2010 any enquiries relating to information on premises authorised/permitted by the Environment Agency will be directed to the local Environment Agency office:


Environment Agency

PO Box 519

South Preston



Tel: 01772 714203

Email: nwnorthpreston@environment-agency.co.uk


Contact us

For more information and advice, please contact our Environmental Protection Team

Tel: 01695 577177

Email: jill.antrobus@westlancs.gov.uk


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Last Updated: 11/25/2010

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