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Tenants Annual Report 2016

The service we offer to you

Total number of homes 6058. Total number of garages 1590. Total number of housing staff 175 with 28 of them being our Corporate Transformation Team. Total number of housing enquiries dealt with by our Customer Services Team 45,438. Total number of housing enquiries that were received via our website 695. 843 Tenants contributed their views by completing surveys to help us improve the service. We continued to offer value for money through our partnerships and tendering processes, by ensuring we get the best quality at the best price. Improving how we manage our maintenance contracts has produced savings of £200k. We have saved £500k by improving how we work and saving on staff costs.

Compliments and complaints

27 compliments were recorded for the service we delivered. Thank you!
We received and dealt with 19 specific housing complaints, 7 resulted in service improvements.
During this time our Tenant Scrutiny Group and Council agreed to reduce the number of stages in the formal complaints process to provide a quicker and easier process for our customers.


We helped 613 people move into our homes. Costing us on average £1754 to prepare each property for letting in an average time of 28 days. We received 2497 new housing applications. We have a total of 2383 people on the housing waiting list. Continual work on marketing garages has taken place, with a further 121 garages being let.
We introduced a Facebook page as a way to promote our empty homes.

Your rent

Total rent collected during 2015/16 - £25.6m. General Needs tenants have benefited from a 1% reduction in rent. We supported 2000 tenants by providing rent and money advice, securing £224k in additional income. We collected £107k of debt owed to us by former tenants.

Managing your tenancy

A total number of 6 community partnership action days were held, resulting in 150 tons of rubbish being removed. Our housing officers carried out 460 new tenant visits. We inspected 1152 communal areas to ensure they are clear from rubbish. We investigate 128 anti-social behaviour cases. Seven people were evicted as a result of anti-social behaviour.

Home improvements and repairs

559 kitchens
524 bathrooms
8 communal doors and entry systems
397 heating
111 double glazed windows
738 doors
312 insulation
61 disabled adaptation
528 rendering lintels walls paving/boundaries etc. 

588 homes received new solar panels, saving them an average of £268 per year, totalling £157K.
We continue to make improvements to ensure that you save money on your fuel bills, including changing the way you heat your home, improving insulation and offering you energy advice.

We spent £1.2m carrying our 23,502 repairs on your home. 99% of tenants were satisfied with the work.
96% of repairs were completed in the timescale provided and 85% were completed right first time.
953 repairs were reported online, 22,276 telephone call regarding repairs were answered by our customer services team.
99.8% of homes had a valid gas safety certificate.

Gas safety checks are a vital part of your tenancy. We want to ensure your safety so it is important you allow us to carry out this check. Refusing access could result in you losing your home.

Investing in the future

Over the course of four years we have invested a total of £8m in the regeneration of Firbeck and building new homes.
Plans have been agreed to invest £3m in Beechtrees as our second revival scheme. We have committed to invest £500k in Evenwood Court and Marlborough Court to make our sheltered accommodation more accessible and to improve the communal areas.

How we spend your rent

For every pound we received in rent this is how we spent it:
1p bad debts
7p reserve payment, this is money that the council holds aside to ensure that it can continue to deliver in services in the future
13p loan interest payments
15p day-to-day repairs and planned maintenance
28p staff and service running costs
36p investment in major repairs