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Home contents insurance for council tenants

Would you be able to replace your belongings if the worst was to happen?

Many tenants believe that renting a home from us means that we automatically insure their belongings against theft, fire, burst pipes etc. Unfortunately this is not the case and many tenants only realise this once they have suffered a loss.

If you would be unable to replace your belongings out of your own pocket you should consider taking out home contents insurance and here at West Lancs we have an affordable scheme available.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Most of your household contents are insured when in your home, including furniture, TVs, laptops, clothing, carpet, electrical goods.
  • There is no excess to pay which means you do not have to pay anything out of your own pocket when making a claim.
  • You choose how to pay your premiums, weekly or monthly / cash card or standing order.
  • Insurance premiums start from as little as £1.36 for £9,000 worth of cover and £0.91 for £6,000 if you are over 60.

    Level of cover

Weekly premium

Monthly premium

    Level of cover

Weekly premium

Monthly premium



















*Only available for those aged over 60 years old

How to apply

Submit a home contents insurance pack request form.

You can request a pack from the Insurance Section by calling 01695 585047 or calling Customer Services on 01695 577177.

Alternatively, collect one from the Council Offices, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk or the Customer Service Point, The Concourse, Skelmersdale.

We strongly advise all tenants to take out household contents insurance. If you don't want to take advantage of the Council's insurance scheme then you should make your own private arrangements.

Contact us

Insurance Claims Investigator, Catherine Kirwan
Email: catherine.kirwan@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585047

Insurance and Risk Management Officer, Rebecca Spicer
Email: rebecca.spicer@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585098