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Living in a council house

 As a council tenant you have a number of responsibilities, which you must keep to. 


We will investigate breaches in tenancy conditions, such as:

  • Abandoned properties
  • Damage/misuse of property
  • Unauthorised alterations
  • Subletting
  • Access refusal
  • Car repairs
  • Graffiti, vandalism to council properties

Anti social behaviour

Tackling anti social behaviour is a priority for the Council. We investigate all reports of nuisance caused by our tenants and work closely with tenants, residents and outside agencies to find solutions. 


In cases of nuisance, where there are proven breaches in the tenancy agreement and intervention and support has not resolved the issue, a referral to the Council’s Anti Social Behaviour unit may be made.


If you have a complaint about the behaviour of Council tenants then please contact the Estate Management team to discuss the matter further.



Generally, you can keep domestic pets such as cats and dogs in your property, as long as they are properly cared for and you do not allow them to cause a nuisance to neighbours or damage to the property.


If you live in sheltered accommodation, a flat, maisonette or bedsit, you will not be able to keep a dog. (Please note that these restrictions do not apply to registered guide dogs for the blind or registered hearing dogs for the deaf).


You will not be allowed to keep any pets that we believe are unsuitable for your home.



It is your responsibility to keep your garden tidy by cutting the lawn and trimming the hedges and keeping it clear of any rubbish. If you do not keep your garden tidy we may clear it and re-charge you for the work.


You must seek the Council’s permission before planting any trees in the garden of a council owned property.


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Last Updated: 10/23/2012

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