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Free boilers and insulation

If your boiler is old and inefficient or your home would benefit from being insulated, you may be entitled to have this work done for free under the Government's Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme.
The ECO was brought in by the Government in January 2013 to help people living in fuel poverty. Under the scheme, eligible households will be able to install energy efficient measures in their home to help reduce their energy bills. All the funding for the scheme will be provided by the energy companies.
If you are not eligible under ECO, you can still have measures installed under the Green Deal programme.
There are 3 schemes running under ECO:

1. Carbon Saving Community Obligation 

Under this scheme, households in specific areas of low income will be able to get insulation measures.

2. Affordable Warmth Obligation

Under this scheme, owner occupiers and private tenants who receive certain means tested benefits will be able to get heating and insulation measures.

3. Carbon Saving Obligation

Under this scheme, funding can be given for insulation measures to solid wall and hard to treat cavities that can't be funded under the Green Deal.

How will the ECO be delivered?

Energy suppliers will either deliver the schemes directly to customers or partner with local businesses who will provide the measures on their behalf.

How do I find out if I qualify for free measures?

You can speak to your energy provider or get free advice from the Energy Saving Trust (external link).
If an energy company has partnered with a local company they may target areas to canvass which means knocking on doors. If they have been given funding under ECO and you meet the criteria then the measures offered will be free.
There are many companies offering this service so you should go with the one you feel comfortable with. All representatives should have identification and should be able to tell you which energy company has provided the funding so you can check with them if you are unsure. Many of the companies will also be accredited under the Green Deal.
The Council does not have any control over companies operating in this area and is not partnering with anyone to provide these services.
The Council has produced a list of companies that have told us they are working in the area and who have provided information to show they are qualified to carry out the work. These companies will be allowed to use the Council's logos on their introduction letters.

ECO Funding Contractor List

The companies listed below have approached the Council to advise that they have been awarded funding to install measures under the ECO scheme. The companies have satisfied the Council that they are qualified to carry out the type of work they have received funding for and have been allowed to use the Council crest on their introduction letters. There is no obligation on companies to inform the Council that they are working in the area so their absence on this list does not mean they are not qualified to carry out the work. This list does not constitute a recommendation by the Council.

Helena Propertycare (in partnership with Starfish Communities Ltd)
21 Lancots Lane, Sutton, St Helens, WA9 3EX
Tel: 01744 63 73 83
Email: onecall@helenapartnerships.co.uk

Hughes Brothers Ltd
2 Hope Carr Way, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3DE
Tel: 01942 680 600
Email: info@hughesbros.co.uk 

If a company is not on the list, it does not mean they are not qualified to carry out the work.

I am an installer. How can I join the ECO Funding Contractor List? 

If you have received ECO funding and will be offering residents in West Lancashire a service, you can ask to be put on the list by emailing privatesectorhousing@westlancs.gov.uk

Where can I get energy saving advice? 

The Energy Saving Advice Service (external link) offers free impartial energy saving advice. The service can be contacted on 0300 123 1234 and is available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm. Calls are charged at a national rate.