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People Power

The People Power scheme has been set up by the Lancashire authorities to help residents find out if they can save money by switching energy provider.
To get a good price for your energy, you need to regularly check the market to see if you can save by switching to another supplier. Many people do not or are unable to switch meaning they could be paying too much for their energy.
The People Power scheme has engaged the services of an energy broker called iChoosr who will deal with the energy companies on your behalf to try and negotiate the best deal for those people who have registered.

How does the scheme work?

The person responsible for the energy bill registers with iChoosr through the People Power scheme. Those who have registered are split into groups on the basis of how they receive their energy i.e. gas only, electric only, duel fuel and pre-payment meters.
An auction takes place where the energy companies are asked to make their best offer to each group. The lowest offer wins.
The details of the offer are then sent to each person who has registered along with an option to switch to the deal being offered.

How do I register?

The best way to register for future auctions is online via the People Power (external link) website. 
To register, you will need your last annual gas and / or electricity bill (or your last quarterly bill if you do not have your annual bill) and an email address.
One email address can be used to register up to five different households so you can ask a friend, relative or neighbour to sign up for you if you do not have internet access.

Who can register?

Anyone who is responsible for paying the energy bill in their home. You do not have to live in Lancashire to register.
If you are a tenant and your gas and electricity is included in your rent, the landlord is probably the person named on the bill. Your landlord can register to see if there is a better deal available.

How will I know if I have been offered a better deal?

You will receive an email from iChoosr containing details of your offer. You will have two weeks to decide if you want to switch.
You can also view the auction results online via the Big Community Switch (external link) website.