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Access rights

Once you have signed a tenancy agreement and moved into a property, you have the right to live in your home without being disturbed. Your landlord cannot enter your home without your permission.
If your landlord does this, he or she may be guilty of harassment, which is against the law.

Access for repairs and inspection

Your landlord or agent has the right to access the property at reasonable times of the day to carry out repairs and to inspect the condition of the property. However, your landlord must give you 24 hours written notice of the inspection.

Selling the property

If the landlord sells the property while you are still living there, you keep any rights you have to live in the property. The new owner will become your landlord and your current tenancy agreement will remain valid.
If you think your landlord has put your home up for sale without telling you, you should contact the estate agent and tell them that the property is tenanted.