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You can send your photographs for the website by emailing them to photos@westlancs.gov.uk. Include your name and details relevant to each picture - together with the exact location of where the picture has been taken.


Please ensure that your files are no larger than 1MB.


By sending your pictures to us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions -please make sure you read them carefully before submitting your photographs.


Terms and conditions

All photographs must be taken within the border of West Lancashire.


By submitting your photograph you are stipulating to us that:

  • the photograph is your own work and you own the copyright
  • all appropriate and necessary permissions and consents have been obtained before submitting the photograph including the consent of any identifiable individuals in the photograph
  • you are granting the Council an unconditional non-exclusive licence to use the photograph in any way that we wish and/or in any other media we produce

By submitting your photograph you are accepting that:

  • not all photographs submitted will be published on the website and we have absolute discretion to decide if a photograph is appropriate for publication on the site
  • we reserve the right to remove images at any time without prior warning or reason
  • you are aware that any photographs published on the internet may be copied and used by other people
  • you are aware that other people may download, save, store or archive this website with or without the council’s knowledge and that we will have no control over such downloading or its subsequent use
  • you will indemnify the Council against all claims that may arise as a result of the publication of the photograph on this website or in any other media and you will be responsible for any costs that the Council may incur in respect of the above.

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Last Updated: 7/7/2010

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