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 The rural parish of Dalton lies to the north of Up Holland and east of Ormskirk. The landscape is dominated by Ashurst Hill, 570 feet above sea level, which is crowned by a beacon tower re-erected in 1768 by Lord Skelmersdale when a French invasion was regarded as imminent. Watches were stationed at the beacon day and night to light the fire if the enemy landed.

From the Beacon and the surrounding fields there are extensive views across the West Lancashire plain and, on a clear day, the mountains of Wales and the Lake District can be seen.

'Daltone' was listed in the Domesday Survey when Uctred held a ploughland. Soon after the Norman Conquest, Dalton became part of the Barony of Manchester and was still held to be part of the Manchester fee as late as 1733.

Map: Dalton Parish

Last Updated: 7/6/2010

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