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Alcohol Awareness

The Community Safety Partnership commissioned a report into alcohol awareness and its links to drugs, health and crime. It gauges young people's views about alcohol, education about harm reduction, and explains links to criminality (especially criminal damage and violence).

Alcohol awareness comic for teenagers

The Partnerships Together campaign has launched a comic to encourage teenagers to think about the dangers of alcohol. This fun resource booklet is aimed at young people - but with a serious underlying message about the risks associated with excessive drinking.

The comic has been produced in consultation with West Lancashire Borough Council and maps out the different paths that two youngsters have taken. One involves too much drinking and the other shows a night out without alcohol. Both are linked to each other but have different endings with lessons to be learnt! It also highlights some essential first aid tips, useful numbers and the units in drinks.

Titled 'Alcohol, It's Your Choice', the publication is hoped to be a thought-provoking tool in the fight to help young people make sensible decisions when it comes to drinking.

Get a copy online

Download a copy of the Alcohol Awareness comic (Adobe PDF format, 915kb)


Facts and figures about teenage alcohol abuse

Some fact and figures about underage drinking:

  • 13 young people each day are admitted to hospital as a result of alcohol
  • Binge drinking can cause serious health damage as this may be more alcohol than your body can process safely
  • There are no safe limits for young people to drink
  • More people die each year from alcohol related illnesses than illegal drugs
  • Alcohol robs your body of Vitamin B - which can cause skin damage and diarrhoeaComic

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Last Updated: 8/31/2011

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