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Safe Child Scheme

 Young children can sometimes get lost in towns, so the Safe Child Scheme - running in Ormskirk town centre - aims to reduce the time it takes to reunite children who've become separated with their parent or guardian.


How does the Safe Child Scheme work?

Shops and businesses in Ormskirk that support the scheme have a special logo displayed on the window or door of the premises so that children know that if they get lost, they will get help. Shop staff have been given training to know what to do if a child becomes separated from their parent or guardian.

1. Look out for the easily identified Safe Child logos at tills, checkouts and on shop doors and windows.
2. Make sure that any children in your care know how the scheme works so that you can be quickly reunited if you become separated while shopping or enjoying a day out in Ormskirk.
3. If you lose your child inside a store, enquire at the nearest till or checkout point. If you are in the street, go to the nearest store displaying a Safe Child logo, or go to one of the three emergency help points in the town centre.


What you can do to help

Here are five tips to help keep your child safe:
  • Teach them to recite their names, address and telephone numbers.
  • Sew or write their name inside their clothing.
  • Encourage your children to stay close to you and hold your hand or trolley when you are shopping.
  • Use reins or wrist straps in busy places.
  • Make sure your children know the Safe Child holding hands symbol and children's instructions.

Why have a Safe Child Scheme?

The Council have worked in partnership with Ormskirk Town Centre Business Forum, with the support of Lancashire Police to make Ormskirk as safe as it can be for families visiting the town and we really hope that this will give parents and guardians real peace of mind. It runs alongside the current blanket CCTV coverage of the town centre to further enhance the feeling of security.

The scheme is nationally acknowledged and is in operation in a number of town and cities across the country. So far, lots of businesses have joined the scheme including national chains like Tesco, Superdrug, Boots and Ottakers. The scheme has also had over-whelming support from many of the Ormskirk based local business.


Do you want to sign up?

If you are a shop or business in Ormskirk and want to display the Safe Child Scheme logo, please contact Colin Brady on 01695 585125 or email colin.brady@westlancs.gov.uk.

Last Updated: 7/6/2010

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