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During pregnancy

Whether this is your first baby or an addition to your family, having a baby can be a very exciting and unpredictable time for mum, dad and other members of the family so it's a good idea to be prepared. These sites offer advice about pregnancy and giving birth.

Your GP will give you advice and support throughout your pregnancy and arrange your antenatal care. If you don't have a local GP, you should register with one as soon as you can:

If you may want information on how to look after yourself and your unborn child, your partner's role, choosing maternity care, what to expect during the pregnancy and hospital visits the following pages will give you a wealth of information whether you are mum or dad:

Teenage pregnancy

Research shows that teenage girls are less likely to become pregnant if they are able to talk about sex openly with their parents. The DirectGov website (external link) website provides advice, information and links to helpful websites about teenage pregnancy, contraception, and sexual health.

Antenatal care

If you've booked a hospital birth, you may be able to go to NHS antenatal classes at your local hospital or clinic. You may also be able to do these if you have booked a home birth with NHS midwives. NHS antenatal classes are taught by midwives who have extensive knowledge of labour and birth, and your local hospital's policies and procedures. Classes will include information about what the experience labour, pain relief, interventions and Caesarean birth. You will also learn about the skills you need as a parent, such as how to bath a baby and changing nappies. If you wish to attend antenatal classes, you should let your midwife know as soon as possible.


Sometimes pregnancy doesn't go as you would have hoped and there are complications, but there are various support groups that can help: 

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Last Updated: 11/12/2013

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