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Moving: Change of address

 If you're moving, here's a list of organisations you might need to inform of your new address:


Your bank needs your new address including any banks where you hold credit cards.


You need to inform the benefits agency if you are claiming any benefits, including child benefit.


You need to inform your car insurance, breakdown service and the DVLA. If you hold a paper driving licence, you must complete a D750 application form (available from most Post Offices) to notify the change. The DVLA will also need to amend your car registration document.


Tell your insurer (car, buildings, contents, health etc) your new address and moving date and make sure that you are covered during the move. Otherwise you may invalidate your insurance.

Health Care

If you're moving into a different town or area it may be necessary to change your GP, dentist, optician, etc. Visit the NHS website (external link) to find your nearest health services


You can arrange to have your mail redirected (external link).


Speak to the headteacher of your child's current school and request a transfer form. If your child is at the end of primary or secondary education, you should consider whether it is possible to time your house move to avoid unnecessary disruption. GCSE options are often very difficult to match at a new school. If your child isn't changing school, give them your new address.


Notify your phone company. If you're with a cable company or are moving within the same exchange area you may be able to keep the same number.


Arrange to have your gas, electric and water meters read on the day or the day before you move.


Inform the personnel department at your work of your new address.


Tell the TV Licensing company and if you have satellite or cable TV, update them too.

Last Updated: 7/19/2011

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