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Applying for a job at the Council

Your application form plays an important part of your selection. The completed form is the only basis we have to consider your initial suitability for the post. The following advice should help you to complete the application form - either on paper or online - as effectively as possible.

Some points to bear in mind before you start

Consider the contents of the job description and application form. Ask yourself why you are interested in the job. Don't copy the same application for a series of jobs.

  • Study the person specification carefully. This outlines the type and range of skills/experience etc. that ideally we would like the candidate to possess or have the potential to develop. Use this as a guide and nothing more. 
  • Try to complete your application in a concise, well organised and positive way. 
  • Please do not send standard details of your own i.e. in the form of a curriculum vitae. 

On the application form

The following headings correspond to some of the appropriate sections in the application form:

  • Post applied for: make sure the full job title and department are shown on the form. 
  • Name and address: make sure that you give clear details of your full name, address and telephone number. You will receive notification by letter whether you are successful or unsuccessful in your application. 
  • Present and previous employment: starting with your current or last employer, list all the employers you have worked for, provide job title and the period you worked for them. This information may be used to assess whether you meet the experience requirement for the vacancy. Check that the dates are correct and in order. 
  • Education and professional qualifications: Give a list of formal and informal qualifications. Information may be necessary here to assess whether you meet the required qualifications for the vacancy. Ensure nothing important has been omitted. 
  • Relevant experience, skills, etc: this is probably the most important part of your application, as you have to make a case here for selection so be concise, well organised and positive. Do not repeat your career history, use only the relevant parts. In considering your experience remember all your previous work. Consider other relevant experience outside work such as community/voluntary/leisure. Remember that unpaid work or work at home is often just as valuable and valid as being in a paid job. Express any relevant views on the requirements specified in the Job Description in support of your application. 
  • References: Please give the name of your current or last employer where applicable. It is the Council's policy to approach current and relevant previous employers in the interests of the service concerned.

We must protect the public funds we handle and so we may use the information you have provided on this form to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information, for the same purposes, with other organisations which handle public funds.