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Friday, November 08, 2013

Yew Tree Farm Masterplan

Do you live or work in the Burscough area and have an interest in the community or the local economy? If so, you may be interested to know more about the Yew Tree Farm Masterplan.

Following the adoption of the new Local Plan, West Lancashire Borough Council has started to prepare the Yew Tree Farm Masterplan in partnership with the local community. The masterplan will guide developers as to how this site will be brought forward to create a well-planned and vibrant development that will contribute to the Burscough community and economy. More information can be found on our Masterplan Yew Tree Farm page. 

To help shape the masterplan, the Council has set up a stakeholder group involving some local residents, businesses, land owners, infrastructure providers, ward and parish councillors and other organisations including the West Lancashire Council for Voluntary Service and the Environment Agency. The stakeholder group will help guide the preparation of the masterplan and give feedback at every step of the process.

In addition, the Council will be carrying out two stages of formal consultation, when local people will be invited to give their views to help shape the masterplan. These are likely to take place in early spring and summer 2014 and each will last for six weeks.

The area of land known as Yew Tree Farm lies between the residential properties on Liverpool Road South and the Burscough Industrial Estate. This site will deliver at least 500 homes and 10 hectares of employment land, along with the necessary infrastructure, before 2027. The remainder of the site will be safeguarded for possible future development needs beyond 2027.

The Yew Tree Farm Masterplan will identify where housing and employment development should go, along with drainage, highways improvements, open space and education provision. All these should, if required, be delivered with the site to ensure that the final development becomes a sustainable part of Burscough. The masterplan will be developed over the next six to 12 months and will eventually be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document which will form part of the planning decision-making framework.

The Council will post regular updates about the progress of the masterplan on the website and will publicise details of the consultation events in due course.


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