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Monday, July 07, 2014

The Council has made money available to provide additional CCTV cameras

West Lancashire Borough Council has made money available to provide additional CCTV cameras in Scarisbrick, Tarleton, Downholland and Burscough and is inviting people to give their views on where the cameras should be located.

The new cameras will bring the total number operated by the Council in West Lancashire to 102. The cameras are monitored 24/7 and play a vital role in helping prevent crime and disorder and increase public safety.

Scarisbrick, Tarleton and Downholland will be provided with two new cameras each, and there will be one additional camera in Burscough.

Cllr David Sudworth, portfolio holder for community safety, said: “Community safety is one of the Council’s top priorities and for many years we have successfully operated CCTV cameras to help deter criminals and ensure that people feel safe.  We have expanded the CCTV system over the years and now we have allocated funding for a further seven cameras to be located in some of our principal villages. We are keen to hear the views of local people and community groups about where these cameras should be positioned and I urge people to take the time to look at the proposals and tell us what you think.”

Information about the proposed locations is on the Council’s website.  The consultation runs until 31 July 2014.

The table below lists some possible locations and shows why cameras have been suggested for these areas.


Suggested locations

Suggested by





Near border of WLBC and Sefton, Pool Hey Lane /   A570

Local councillors and Scarisbrick Parish Council

Major entrance /exit route for Borough – relevant   for cross-border crime

Carr Cross / Snape Green

Local councillor

Main road so relevant re travelling criminals

Gorsuch Lane / A570

Local councillors

Main road so relevant re travelling criminals

A570 / Pinfold Lane

Scarisbrick Parish Council

Main road so relevant re travelling criminals

Heatons Bridge / Smithy Lane junction

Local councillor

Leads to Burscough so relevant re travelling   criminals.




Windgate traffic lights (junction of A59 and   Southport New Road).

Tarleton Parish Council

Main road so relevant re travelling criminals

Mere Brow (near Village Hall)

Tarleton Parish Council

Public open space area. Key area relevant to   travelling criminals and cross-border crime.

Carr Lane, near car park by Pavillion.

Tarleton Parish Council

Public open space area




Junction of Riding Lane and School Lane

Downholland Parish Council

Anti-social behaviour

Outside Village Hall, School Lane, Downholland

Downholland Parish Council

Public open space area




On corner of building next to Hop Vine pub   (charity shop)

Burscough Parish Council

Close to village centre and cash handling   businesses


There are currently 11 suggested locations for the seven new cameras and it is possible that some of these locations may prove, as a result of comments received, to be inappropriate or unsuitable.  Additionally, feasibility studies may demonstrate that alterations to the suggested locations are necessary. Other justifiable suggestions for Scarisbrick, Tarleton, Downholland and Burscough are therefore invited and will be considered.

How to give your views

  • Email community.safety@westlancs.gov.uk  (please put “CCTV Consultation” in the subject box)
  • Write to Community Safety Team, West Lancashire Borough Council, Robert Hodge Centre, Stanley Way, Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, WN8 8EE.

One of the issues the Council must have due regard to is privacy. The software that is used allows for parts of the system to be pixelated (or blurred). There are several properties near existing cameras that have windows or whole houses blurred so that residents' privacy is ensured. If you have any comments about privacy in relation to the suggested locations please contact us, as set out above.

The deadline for comments is Thursday 31 July 2014.

The Council will consider comments and suggestions before making final decisions about the locations for the cameras.

The Council must have regard to the Surveillance Camera Code Of Practice (external link) issued by the Home Office. This aims to ensure that cameras are necessary, appropriately located, do not affect people’s privacy and are operated appropriately.

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