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Monday, March 10, 2014

New blue wheelie bins encourage residents to go green and recycle even more waste

Free blue wheelie bins are proving popular with residents in West Lancashire as the Council moves ahead with its scheme to make it easier for people to recycle household waste.
The Council wishes to remind residents that the blue wheelie bins can only be used for plastic, cans and glass. There is no change to the collection arrangements for other materials. Residents should continue to use blue bags for paper and card, clear bags for textiles, green wheelie bins for garden waste and grey wheelie bins for household waste that we cannot recycle.
The programme to provide blue bins instead of blue boxes for recycling plastic, cans and glass started in October 2013 and so far almost 28,000 households have received the new receptacles.
The Council decided to introduce the wheelie bins after hearing from many residents that the blue boxes were not big enough. The bins are better than boxes because the contents don’t get blown away by the wind. Also, they can be stored outside and contents stay dry when it rains. They hold much more than a box, but as their footprint is a similar size they don’t take up much more space.
The blue bins are being delivered in phases across the borough and the final round of deliveries is due to be completed in May.
Residents can check when their new blue wheelie bin is due to arrive, and find more information about refuse and recycling, by visiting Refuse & recycling.
Each property receives a leaflet explaining the new system two weeks before the bins are delivered. The leaflet includes a yellow sticker, and any resident who wishes to continue to use a blue box rather than a bin can follow the instructions on the leaflet to put the sticker on their blue box.
Residents who feel strongly that they want to continue to use a blue box are able to do so. People who do this are advised that they will not be able to present for collection any extra glass, plastic or cans that do not fit into the blue box. The Council will only empty one blue box per household. If the box gets damaged or lost it will not be replaced with another box, but with a blue wheelie bin.

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