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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Survey shows that most of our tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home

The vast majority of West Lancashire Borough Council tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home and that the rent they pay provides good value for money. 

These are some of the findings from the latest Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) for the Council’s housing service. It was carried out on the Council’s behalf by independent market researchers and 984 tenants living in sheltered and general Council housing were interviewed. 

To read the full report please visit STAR survey report

Councillor Jane Houlgrave, portfolio holder for Housing, said: “We are very happy that so many tenants have said they are satisfied with their home and that the rent they pay represents good value for money. We believe this shows the tenants are starting to see the results of our record £65 million five-year investment plan and they will reap the benefits of this for many years to come.” 

The survey asked a series of questions set by Housemark, a national organisation which enables housing authorities to compare their performance against other Councils. 

In response 86% of tenants said they are satisfied their rent provides value for money. This is up from 83% from the previous survey in 2012, and bucks the national trend. 

The survey asked if tenants were satisfied with the quality of their home 87% of tenants said they were, up from 84% in 2012. This rise is due to a considerable increase in the numbers of satisfied general tenants. 

When asked if they were satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live 90% of tenants said yes. This is a 3% rise from 2012. 

The survey found that 77% of tenants feel the Council is good at keeping them informed about things that might affect them, compared to 83% in 2012. This is of major importance to tenants and could be a key reason why the overall satisfaction with the housing service rating decreased slightly to 86% in the latest survey from 87% in 2012.

The research company presented the results to tenants and staff. During this meeting people who attended suggested actions to further improve tenant satisfaction. This was developed into a plan and delivered to the Senior Housing Management Team, who have instructed staff to make the recommendations a high priority for the coming year.

Councillor Houlgrave said: “The survey has shown there are some areas we could improve upon and the action plan will aim to tackle them.”


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