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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Chance to give your views to the Tenants' Scrutiny Group

If you are a tenant of West Lancashire Borough Council then the Tenants’ Scrutiny Group wants to hear from you.

The group is carrying out a review of how housing services deals with feedback from tenants. As part of this the group is surveying tenants to gain an understanding of how they feel about contacting our housing teams if they have any difficulties with the service.

Surveys are being sent out to a number of  tenants, who will have about four weeks to respond. The information will help housing teams improve the way they collect feedback from tenants, which in turn will help staff continue to provide the best possible service.

Councillor Jennifer Patterson, portfolio holder for Housing and Landlord Services, said: “We are grateful to the Tenants’ Scrutiny Group for carrying out this survey and we would encourage tenants to take part so we can get a true picture of how you feel. We are always very happy to hear from our tenants, whether they want to say something positive about our services or if they have been having difficulties.”

The Tenants’ Scrutiny Group is made up of tenants from across the borough and they meet once a month to scrutinise housing services. Tenants wanting more information on the survey can ring the Tenant Involvement Team on 01695 585275.

Tenants who want to find out about how they can become more involved in housing can visit www.westlancs.gov.uk/getinvolved.

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