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Thursday, October 01, 2015

New homes to be offered for affordable rent in Burscough

West Lancashire Borough Council has teamed up with the housing association Regenda Homes to make new properties available for affordable rent in Burscough.

The 12 homes, just off Pickles Drive, will be owned and managed by Regenda. There are four two-bedroom houses and eight three-bedroom houses, and the new scheme will be known as Holt Drive.

Councillor Jennifer Patterson, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Landlord Services, said: “The Council is committed to ensuring there is an opportunity for local people to access affordable housing. We know there is a real need to develop affordable housing in our Borough and is pleased to be working with Regenda to increase the supply of affordable housing in our communities.

“Together we are making real progress on this important issue. The Council has nomination rights for these new homes and preference will be given to households with a local connection to the area.”

Martin Davies, Regenda’s Director of Development, said: “We are pleased to be working with West Lancashire Borough Council to develop these new homes and are excited that these properties are nearing completion on schedule.”

The homes will be ready for occupation during January 2016. People interested in the new housing should be registered with the Council’s Choice based lettings system, called HomeFinder, so they can bid for the properties through that system. For more information on how to register on HomeFinder please go to www.westlancshomefinder.co.uk.

The properties are expected to be advertised on HomeFinder shortly, so keep monitoring the website to make sure you don’t miss the advert.

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