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Monday, February 15, 2016

New group looks at ways of improving the appearance of Ormskirk town centre

The appearance of Ormskirk town centre has been examined to see if it can be made even more attractive to visitors and shoppers.

Some members of the new Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group have been taking a close look at the main area for shopping and leisure activities. The team want to see what improvements can be made to help complement the work which has already been done to Moor Street to help make the town centre be even more attractive to help encourage shoppers and visitors. The Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group are currently investigating the most appropriate ways to help improve the town centre and it is hoped that businesses, landlords and shop owners will also will also engage in this process by improving their own properties. 

The Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group has been set up to implement the new Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy. This has been created by West Lancashire Borough Council in partnership with local stakeholders to ensure Ormskirk has a vibrant and prosperous future.

Some of the strategy’s key aims include: Developing a brand, marketing campaign and improving the management of the town centre. Improving and enhancing the appearance and appeal of the town centre including making the most of the town’s historic character. Reviewing the current car parking arrangements. Improving the current transport and access arrangement in the town. Considering opportunities to improve the evening economy,  such as working with local retailers to explore the opportunities to keep their stores open later to coincide with events such as evening entertainment, evening markets and outdoor food and drinks festivals. Members of the new Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group are West Lancashire Borough Council; Ormskirk Community Partnership; Love Ormskirk; Business in the Community; Edge Hill University and Edge Hill Students’ Union.

Councillor Ian Moran, Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council and portfolio holder for Economic Regeneration, said: “West Lancashire Borough Council worked in partnership with Lancashire County Council to carry out a major scheme to transform the pedestrianised section of Moor Street from Moorgate to the clock tower. This has helped make that part of the town centre look much better, and now the Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group is looking to see what other works can be carried out.”

David Wilkinson, Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group member and General Manager of Marks and Spencer Ormskirk, said: “The appraisal of the town centre was organised soon after the first meeting of the public realm sub-group in order to identify opportunities to help improve the public realm. Having an even more attractive town centre will help bring additional people into Ormskirk as they will be able to see and feel that it is a really attractive place to visit. This will also help sustain businesses operating in the town centre.”

For more information about the Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy or to download a copy visit Regeneration.

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