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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Have your say on Polling Place proposals in Burscough East and Wrightington Wards

Voters living in part of Burscough East and Wrightington Wards can have their say on the next stage of an important local review.

The Borough Council is carrying out a review of the arrangements for voting for the BEC Polling District, within Burscough East Ward and WRD Polling District of Wrightington Ward of the Borough, to ensure electors are able to vote conveniently and efficiently. These reviews will not affect the ward boundaries.

Earlier this month a consultation was carried out, and residents were able to give their views regarding the current polling arrangements in these polling districts. They were also invited to suggest possible new locations.

Now a separate consultation is being carried out on the Council’s initial proposals for new locations. Electors living within these Polling Districts can make representations regarding the proposals between Thursday 24 November and Thursday 22 December.

Anyone who suggests changes should, if possible, give alternative locations that may be used as Polling Places or Polling Stations.

For Polling District BEC in Burscough East it is proposed to designate the park on Heathfields Estate, between Rees Park and Delph Drive as the new Polling Place. A mobile unit would be sited on the park for polling days. This would replace the current polling place for the BEC Polling District located at the Parish Hall of St John’s Catholic Church, Chapel Lane, Burscough – which is in the neighbouring polling district.

The BEC Polling District area covers all properties to the east of Junction Lane, north of Briars Lane, west of the canal and south of the railway line, including the Heathfields estate, Rees Park, Abbey Dale, Gower Gardens and Alexander Close.

For WRD Polling District in Wrightington, it is proposed to designate St. Teresa’s Catholic Club on College Road, Up Holland as the new Polling Place, replacing the current Polling Place for the WRD Polling District, located next door at St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School.

The WRD Polling District area covers the southern part of Roby Mill Parish Ward including; Hallbridge Gardens, College Road, Hilldean, Lafford Lane (up to the junction with Whitley Road) and part of Dingle Road and Parliament Street.

Kim Webber, Returning Officer, said: “We would appreciate comments from anyone living in Polling Districts BEC and WRD, as making sure Polling Places and Polling Stations are in the best possible locations is very important.”

The Council would also welcome views from any person or body with expertise in access issues.

Plans of the Polling Districts, including current Polling Places, can be obtained by visiting elections or from Electoral and Administration Services, West Lancashire Borough Council, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk, L39 2DF.

Representations should be sent to: Thomas Lynan, Electoral and Administration Services Manager, either in writing to the Council at the above address or by email to thomas.lynan@westlancs.gov.uk (Subject Heading: Interim Polling Review 2016). Representations should arrive no later than Thursday 22 December 2016.

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