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CIL receipts and expenditure

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations 2010 (as amended) set out exactly how CIL can be used. 

What can CIL be used for?

CIL must be used to fund the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure to support the development of the area. Essentially, this means that we must spend it on infrastructure which is required to support new development and growth in the borough. CIL cannot be used to fund solutions to existing problems unless those problems are made worse as a result of new development.

What is "infrastructure"?

The Planning Act 2008 sets out a wide definition of infrastructure including transport, flood defences, schools, health care, social care, play areas, parks and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities and community safety facilities. However, for the purposes of CIL, the Council must state the types of infrastructure it intends to use CIL monies to fund.

Our Regulation 123 list (R123) sets out the types of infrastructure that we will provide using CIL monies. Within West Lancashire, this will include things like open spaces, play areas, parks, playing pitches, outdoor sports facilities, libraries, health facilities, community centres, public realm, leisure centres, cycle networks, footpaths and bus stops. 

Some other infrastructure, like the linear parks, may be delivered through planning conditions and/or site specific agreements with developers.

How is CIL spent?

  • 80% of the CIL monies collected will be used for strategic infrastructure

  • 15% of the CIL monies collected will be given to parish councils for use on local infrastructure

  • 5% of the CIL monies collected are used to fund some of the costs of the administration of CIL

What is the difference between strategic and local infrastructure?

80% of CIL monies collected will be used to fund strategic infrastructure - these are the "big" items that we need to help support the growth of the borough. We keep a record of these projects in the Infrastructure Delivery Schedule.  The strategic monies can be spent anywhere in the borough, regardless of which area they came from. For example, as a result of new development we may decide a new leisure centre in Skelmersdale is needed, which will serve to help improve leisure opportunities for residents in Skelmersdale and the wider surrounding areas. The Borough Council is responsible for deciding what strategic projects are funded from CIL monies. 

15% of CIL monies collected will be awarded to parish councils as local, or neighbourhood, funding. This makes sure that infrastructure improvements are made directly in the areas where the development takes place. Projects may include new equipment for a local play area or new benches in a local park. Parish Councils are responsible for deciding which local infrastructure projects they fund from CIL monies and should work with local communities. Parish Councils will only receive CIL receipts if a CIL chargeable development commences in their area.

CIL Funding Programme for 2018/19

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