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How we spend CIL - Consultation on strategic funding

As of August 2016, we have collected over £250,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies from developments in the Borough. Some of the monies must be given to parish councils as the neighbourhood portion and some monies must be used on administration costs. However, the remainder will be available to spend on strategic projects across the borough.

Each year, we will prepare a document called the CIL Funding Programme (CFP). The CFP is a document which sets out the options as to how we can spend strategic CIL monies in the following financial year and recommends a number of short-listed projects for consideration. 

To benefit from CIL monies, the project must match an infrastructure type listed on the R123 list, appear on the Infrastructure Delivery Schedule and be needed or demanded as a result of new development. The CIL Funding Programme consultation document (below) explains this in more detail, along with information on the process for identifying funds, and the shortlisted projects and options recommended at this stage.

2016 CIL Funding Programme (for 2017/18)

We undertook public consultation on the CIL Funding Programme for 2017/18 between 6 October and 4 November 2016. We are now reviewing all the comments we received, and will use them to help inform our final recommendations on the funding programme. Cabinet members will make the final decision in January 2017.

We will publish a summary feedback report, and the final decision, here in the future.

Previous consultations

2015 CIL Funding Programme (for 2016/17)

We asked for your views in October 2015 as to how you thought CIL monies should be spent in 2016/17. The consultation documents, including the feedback report and final Cabinet report, are available on our previous consultation on CIL funding page. The first 3 projects approved, by Cabinet in January 2016, for CIL funding are:

  • Skelmersdale allotments (£20,000)
  • Improvements to car parking at Station Approach, Ormskirk (£15,000)
  • Boardwalk at Haskayne Cutting Nature Reserve (£8,000)

The remainder of the monies were 'rolled-over' and form part of the current pot of available monies.

Further information

If you require any further information, please contact the CIL Officer, using the contact details from the contact area of this page.