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The Local Plan Review

It is important to ensure that the Local Plan maintains an adequate supply of deliverable development sites, so that development needs and demands can be met in a flexible way. In addition, national planning policy is always changing. Therefore - whilst the current Local Plan is by no means out-of-date - we are commencing work on a new Local Plan now.

The Local Plan Review will identify which policies need updating, and whether more land needs to be made available for development.  We will need to:

  • revisit a wide range of supporting evidence; updating data and collecting new evidence as required
  • consider the evidence and its implications for local planning policy
  • consult extensively with stakeholders including: local residents and the general public; local business; planning and other professionals; the development industry; neighbouring authorities; infrastructure providers and organisations; and other bodies and organisations with a specific interest in Local Plan topics.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out our timetable for the preparation of a new Local Plan and associated local planning policy documents. There are a number of stages involved and we expect the process to take about four years. The LDS also allows us to monitor progress with the review and the preparation of the Local Plan as we move through the process.  Progress will be reported each year through our Annual Monitoring Report.

Evidence and consultation

Baseline evidence: Thematic Papers

The 'thematic spatial evidence papers' (TSEPs) summarise the initial, or 'baseline', evidence for the Local Plan Review.  Each paper covers a particular topic at a West Lancashire level.  These papers are being used to identify particular 'issues' in West Lancashire; these will be used in various ways, not least for the sustainability appraisal of the forthcoming process.

Additional evidence papers will follow in due course, based on particular settlements or parts of the borough. We will upload further information, including more (or updated) evidence documents as well as information on consultation, as the Local Plan Review goes through its various stages of preparation.