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Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

The Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment, or SHELAA for short, considers the potential of sites for development in the future and how suitable or achievable they would be. We currently have about 500 sites in the SHELAA and are inviting people to submit any additional sites they think should be considered. We are also inviting comments on the sites currently in the SHELAA. 

Use the link below to comment on specific SHELAA sites or the SHELAA in general; to submit additional information on existing SHELAA sites; or to submit any new sites you think should be considered through the SHELAA and / or Local Plan process:  

If you are submitting a new site, please supply a plan with the boundary of the site edged in red. We will not be able to progress sites through the submission process without this information. Please supply as much information for each site as possible - the more information we have, the more detailed and accurate our assessments can be.

If you are commenting or submitting information on a specific site, please provide the reference. Links to the various documents showing the existing SHELAA housing sites by settlement area, and by expected timescale for delivery, are provided below. There is also a covering report summarising the SHELAA.

SHELAA covering report and site schedules

 Schedules of sites by delivery timescales

 Schedules of sites by settlement

Plans for existing SHELAA housing sites: