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Issues and Options Papers

The Issues and Options papers are available below. If you would like to find out more, you can attend contact the Policy team

Strategic Development Options Paper

Covers: Levels of development (including housing numbers and area of employment land), the Local Plan period, the location of development, the distribution of development.

  • Introduction
  • A Vision for West Lancashire
    • Vision
    • Objectives
  • Strategic Development Options
    • Issue 1: The amount of development land required
    • Issue 2: The Local Plan period
    • Issue 3: Distributing development requirements
    • Issue 4: The Location of new development
  • Appendix A: The Local Plan Review Evidence Base

 Economic Policy Options Paper

Covers: Economy, employment land, job opportunities, rural employment, town and village centres, retail, town centre uses.

  • Introduction
  • Stimulating economic growth
    • Issue 1: Providing the right scale, mix and distribution of employment land
    • Issue 2: Existing employment areas
    • Issue 3: Spreading economic opportunities by supporting the rural economy
  • Reinvigorating town and village centres
    • Issue 4: Network and hierarchy of centres
    • Issue 5: Ensuring healthy town, village and local centres - appropriate uses
    • Issue 6: Sites for town centre use

Environmental Policy Options Paper

Covers: Nature sites, renewable energy, sustainability, healthy places, biodiversity.

  • Introduction
  • Managing the natural environment
    • Issue 1: Local nature conservation sites
  • Addressing climate change
    • Issue 2: Renewable Energy
  • Designing the built environment
    • Issue 3: Sustainable design and construction
    • Issue 4: Sustainable and healthy places

Social Policy Options Paper

Covers: Housing (affordable, self build, custom) housing markets, student housing, traveller accommodation, older persons accommodation and social requirements.

  • Introduction
  • The working age population
    • Issue 1: Affordable housing
    • Issue 2: Demand for self and custom build housing
    • Issue 3: Demand for alternative residential accommodation
    • Issue 4: The Skelmersdale housing market
  • An ageing population
    • Issue 5: The social requirements of older people
    • Issue 6: Residential accommodation for older people
  • Young people and children
  • The student and graduate population
    • Issue 7: Provision of HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation) in Ormskirk
    • Issue 8: Provision on off-site campus built student accommodation in Ormskirk
  • Minority groups / people with a disability
    • Issue 9: Delivering sustainable accommodation for travellers

Spatial Portrait Paper

The Spatial Portrait uses social, economic and environmental data to paint a picture of the current issues that different areas of the Borough, and the Borough as a whole, are facing. The Local Plan Review can then try to address the weaknesses and threats, whilst building on the boroughs strengths and opportunities.  

  • Introduction
  • Skelmersdale with Up Holland
  • Ormskirk with Aughton
  • Burscough
  • Northern Parishes
  • Eastern Parishes
  • Western Parishes
  • West Lancashire
  • Key Issues

Duty to Co-operate Statement

We have a duty to work with other Councils, County Councils and other bodies when preparing a Local Plan. Our Duty to Co-operate Statement sets out how we have co-operated with neighbouring authorities and other set bodies in relation to our Local Plan Review preparation.

Further supporting documents