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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a document that indicates how much land might potentially be available for housing in the future across West Lancashire. It is an important part of the background information for our Local Plan.

As from 2017, the SHLAA has been replaced with the 'SHELAA' (Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment), which looks at both housing and employment land.

2016 SHLAA update

The 2016 West Lancashire SHLAA update reflects the position at 1 April 2016.  Please note the April 2016 housing land supply position is set out in detail in the Council's 2016 Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).

The following documents group the SHLAA sites according to how soon they might be developed:

The following documents sort the SHLAA sites by settlement:

Alternatively, you can:

SHLAA limitations

Please note the following important points about the SHLAA:

  • The SHLAA is not itself a statement of Council policy. However, the Council's policies may have influenced the categorisation of each SHLAA site.
  • The SHLAA does not necessarily cover all potential housing sites. Other sites may emerge e.g. via planning applications or changes in circumstances. Thus the study is not a checklist of individual sites for Section 78 planning appeals, nor is it an exhaustive list of sites for the purposes of sequential tests.
  • The inclusion of sites within the SHLAA should not be taken to imply that they will be allocated for development, nor that planning permission for housing development will necessarily be granted. Planning applications for housing on any site will be assessed against all relevant development plan policies.
  • Conversely, the 'parking' of a site in the SHLAA does not necessarily rule out development on the site at some point in the future.