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Your West Lancs

'Your West Lancs' can help you to find information about your home and local area.


How to use 'Your West Lancs'

Your can access 'Your West Lancs' from any page on this website:

  • Enter a postcode, street or property name into the grey search box at the bottom right of your screen and click go.
  • A list of addresses will pop up. Select the address that you are searching for.
  • 'Your West Lancs' will open up showing your home on an interactive map and providing a range of information about where you live. 

What information can you find?

'Your West Lancs' pulls together lots of useful information including:

  • Who your local councillor is
  • Your property's council tax band
  • What day your refuse and recycling gets collected
  • Details on any planning applications
  • Access to a range of interactive maps highlighting local amenities like schools and libraries 
  • Useful links including your local weather forecast

If you have problems finding your property please contact the web team so that we can ensure you can use this service in the future.


Please note that whilst this service is designed to provide users with lots of useful information, it does not provide all the details related to a property. If you have a specific query it should be directed to the relevant council department or agency. 


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Last Updated: 9/18/2013

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Your West Lancs

Enter your house, street or postcode to find information about where you live

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