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We collect household waste and materials for recycling from every house in West Lancashire. Household waste is collected one week, and recycling the next.


Boxes to bins - better by far

A new scheme to help residents recycle more of their waste started in October 2013, with the delivery of blue wheelie bins to homes across the borough. The blue bins replace the blue recycling boxes for plastic, cans and glass. The blue wheelie bins will be delivered in phases across the borough. They will be delivered free of charge to all properties.


Please remember that only plastic, glass and cans can be put into your new blue wheelie bin  – cardboard and paper need to go in your blue bag.  If you put cardboard or paper in your blue bin, we won’t be able to empty it for you.

Find your collection dates and your blue bin delivery date

Find your blue bin delivery date, your collection dates and download a copy of your collection calendar by typing your postcode, street or house name in the search box below and clicking 'go'.


Please leave your bins and/or boxes at your normal collection point by 7.00am, and take them back to your property after they have been emptied.


Report a missed bin collection

If you are reporting a missed collection, please note that this can only be done from 6pm on the day your collection should have taken place. To find out more and report a missed collection, or request a new bin, box or bag, follow the link below:


  • Report a missed collection or request a new bin, box or bag 


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    For more information or advice contact our Customer Services team on 01695 577177.


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