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What goes in my bins, bags and boxes?


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Grey bin

Grey bin

  • non recyclable items only
  • recyclable items      

Green bin

Green bin







  • garden waste
  • plastic bags
  • food  waste                              

Blue bin or

blue box blue wheelie bin

Blue box

  • mixed glass - bottles and jars
  • can, tins and aerosols
  • plastic bottles
  • cartons
  • plastic pots
  • tubs
  • food trays
  • paper
  • cardboard 

Blue bag

Blue bag

  • paper, shredded paper, envelopes
  • newspapers and magazines
  • mixed cardboard
  • telephone directories and catalogues 
  • plastic
  • polystyrene

Clear bag

textile bag






  • mixed textiles and clothes
  • quilts
  • pillows
  • soiled or wet items


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Last Updated: 11/12/2013

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