Service managers

Housing and Regulatory Services

Housing Operations, Income and Financial Inclusion Manager: Jane Maguire
Responsible for: Rent and money advice, and financial inclusion,
Tel: 01695 585003

Housing Operations, Tenancy Services Manager: Nicola Bradley
Responsible for: Housing management, independent living, housing options, and choice based lettings.
Tel: 01695 585296

Home Care Link Manager: Tracy Rennie
Responsible for: Home Care Link's 24 Hour Control Centre including Life Line 
Tel: 01695 583281

Homelessness and Private Sector Housing Manager: Laura Lea
Responsible for: Homelessness, private rented property and tenancy issues, empty homes, property grants including disabled facilities grants, gypsy and traveller issues. 
Tel: 01695 585196

Corporate and Customer Services

Customer Experience & Communications Manager: Helen Morrison
Responsible for: Communications, Consultation, Customer Services, Customer Engagement,
Tel: 01695 585091

Human Resources and Organisational Development Manager: Sharon Lewis
Responsible for: Advice on workforce, payroll and pension (HR) matters, including contract management, and ensuring the availability of suitable learning and development opportunities for the workforce.
Tel: 01695 585027

Legal and Democratic Services Manager: Kay Lovelady
Responsible for: Legal, member, civic and land charges functions.
Tel 01695 585075

Democratic Services Manager: Jacky Denning 
Responsible for: Member Services including member development and general support to members to assist them in efficiently discharging their roles in respect of decision making and civic functions. 
Tel: 01695 585384 

Electoral Services Manager: Tom Lynan 
Responsible for: The Register of Electors, all elections administered by the Council, the Post Room and Ombudsman complaints.
Tel: 01695 585013 

Partnership & Performance Manager: Alison Grimes
Responsible for: Corporate planning and performance
Tel: 01695 583211

Benefits Manager: Ian Wright 
Responsible for: Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support 
Tel: 01695 587175

Revenues Manager: Estelle Dobson 
Responsible for: Local Taxation, including Council Tax and Business Rates 
Tel: 01695 587345

Business Support and Development Manager: Julie Kelly 
Responsible for: Sundry Debtors and Creditors
Tel: 01695 587297 

Growth and Development Services

Development, Heritage and Environment Manager: Catherine Thomas
Responsible for: Processing planning and other related applications, providing pre-application planning advice, enforcement, appeals, heritage matters and trees.
Tel: 01695 585134

Strategic Planning, Regeneration and Implementation Manager: Post currently vacant
Responsible for: The preparation of the Local Plan and other planning policy documents, the preparation of the economic development strategy and town centre strategies and masterplans, liaison with other local authorities on strategic planning matters, the management of the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 Planning Obligations, the implementation of a range of infrastructure-related projects and economic regeneration projects, and Ormskirk market, parking and town centre management.

Building Control Manager: Lol Aitchison
Responsible for: Ensuring buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Also responsible for: Dangerous Buildings, Notices of Demolition under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984. Delivery of the Council's residual municipal engineering function including drainage and costal protection.
Tel: 01695 585188

Housing Strategy and Development Programme Manager: Jonathan Mitchell
Responsible for: Government policy, developing housing strategies, securing grant funding for affordable and supported housing, undertaking housing need surveys, negotiating affordable housing with developers.
Tel: 01695 585244

Environmental Services

Waste Services Manager: Steven Bradshaw
Responsible for: waste and recycling collection, bin deliveries, trade waste collection, clinical waste collection
Tel: 01695 585128

Residents can report missed bin or spillage issues quickly and easily via the self-service facility. For more information please visit the refuse and recycling page

Clean & Green Operations Manager: Kathryn Sephton
Responsible for: street cleansing, grounds maintenance, cemeteries, parks, bulky household waste collection, playground inspection and maintenance, tree management and environmental enforcement
Tel: 01695 585211

Residents can report any street cleansing and grounds maintenance problems quickly and easily via the self-service facility. For more information please visit the Street cleansing and grounds maintenance page

Wellbeing and Leisure Services

Leisure Project Development Manager: James Crowley
Responsible for: Support to leisure procurement projects, leisure facility improvements and leisure contract development.
Tel: 01695 585138

Partnership Development Managers: Caroline Robinson and Emma Davies
Responsible for: Neighbourhood approach to community development through health and wellbeing, physical activity, cultural activity, and sport and leisure. 
Tel: Emma 01695 585145 Caroline 01695 585152  

Head Ranger: Dan Massey
Responsible for: Management of parks and green spaces, Ranger Service, playing fields and playground development, environmental education, and events and activities.
Tel: 01695 622794 or mobile 07798 815808

More Positive Together Development Manager: Danny Crangle
Responsible for: Management of the More Positive Together project, providing support and signposting for unemployed residents, helping to direct them back into employment utilising wellbeing and leisure initiatives.
Tel: 01695 712592  or mobile 07557 030732

Finance, procurement and commercial property services

Estates and Valuation Manager: Rachel Kneale
Responsible for: Management of the Council’s commercial properties and the valuation of the Council’s land and property estate 
Tel: 01695 712611 

Investment Centre Manager: Gillian Kinloch
Responsible for: West Lancashire Investment Centre 
Tel: 01695 712601 

Interim Procurement and Contracts Manager: Don Sturgeon 
Responsible for: The procurement of goods, services and works for the Council, procurement processes and procedures including E-tendering and Civica.
Tel: 01695 583384

Internal Audit Manager: Jacqui Pendleton
Responsible for: Providing an independent Internal Audit Service to the Council as required by statutory legislation to ensure that any significant risk exposures and control issues are identified and reported to Senior Management and Audit and Governance Committee members.  Investigate any potential fraudulent activity identified through Internal Audit work or via the Council's Whistleblowing Policy. Act as the Councils Money Laundering Responsible Officer (MLRO)
Tel: 01695 712603