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Guidance for staff: further information

Members of staff should discuss their plans with their line manager in the first instance and talk through how cultural awareness reflects in their work.  There is plenty of advice and support available:

Customer Services have experience of working with people from a range of backgrounds and can help staff access other formats, translation and interpretation services and give advice on some of the practical barriers that might be encountered.

The contact details for a range of support groups in Lancashire are provided in the list of equality groups (xx pdf).

Useful websites

Details about different religious practices can be found on the BBC website (external link) and at religionfacts (external link) 

There are innumerable resources that provide support in respect of race and these can be specific for particular service areas – a good starting point for this is  The Runnymede Trust (external link)

Support on working with people with a learning disability can be found at Mencap (external link)

Support on work with deaf people and people with a hearing impairment is at Action on hearing loss (external link)

Understanding what’s needed in working with people with a visual impairment is on the RNIB (external link) website.

The cultural dimensions of being lesbian, gay or bisexual can be found at Stonewall (external link)

Working with older people is at Age UK (external link)

Working with younger people is at Barnardo's (external link)

One of the best resources for learning about people who are changing or have changed their gender is Scottishtrans (external link)