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General population

Data.gov (external link) provides access to public data from government departments and from local authorities including West Lancashire Borough Council. You can search by place and by theme – this will help you compare what happens in West Lancashire with other areas.

The National Equality Evidence Database (NEED) (external link) provides useful information about the protected characteristics.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (external link) provides guidance on the Equality Duty, as well as research and reports about the experiences of people with different protected characteristics. ‘How Fair is Britain?’ and a ‘Review of Equality Statistics Research report 1’ are particularly helpful when considering benchmarks and sources of evidence and data.

UK National Statistics (external link) provides access to a range of publications and data sets on a host of themes including environment, education, crime, employment, economy, travel and health.

The Citizenship Survey was carried out from  2001 to 2010. Although discontinued, the results of the surveys are still available and provide information on a wide range of issues, including race equality, faith, volunteering and participation. Visit the national archives (external link).

The UK Data Service (external link)  provides information on a range of surveys carried out nationally on topics such as crime, employment, education and training,  family life, housing, health and disability, leisure, and transport.

The Neighbourhood Statistics (external link) website contains datasets that describe the characteristics of a neighbourhood, with a particular focus on deprivation. The website includes results from the 2001 and 2011 census and a range of other government statistics at a neighbourhood level.

The Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration (external link) site identifies and signposts datasets available for targeting, monitoring, priority setting and performance management at a neighbourhood level, to identify and signpost datasets and resources to help local decision-makers target and monitor local programmes.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (external link) provides official statistics relating to energy, climate change, energy efficiency, fuel poverty, radioactive incidents and coal health.

Visit Climate Change North West (external link), a range of collaborative resources on climate change, for  use of the partners and other interested organisations or individuals