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Health and social care

Information on life expectancy and inequalities is provided on the ONS website (external link).

Health profiles (external link) are produced annually and provide a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England and how the area compares to the national and regional average.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre Indicator Portal (external link) brings a range of health indicators together in one place. It allows for the comparison of the demographic profile of the local area with other regions and national averages across a diverse range of factors that influence health inequalities.

The Health Survey for England (external link) is a series of annual surveys designed to measure health and health-related behaviour. These include estimates of the number, as well as the proportion, of people with a range of health related problems and lifestyle behaviours including obesity, alcohol and smoking

A range of surveys carried out by the Care Quality Commission survey (external link) which looked at the experiences of people receiving community mental health services and hospital care.

The Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey (external link) covers a range of service areas to gain an understanding of service users' views.  It aims to learn more about whether or not the services are helping people to live safely and independently in their own home, and the effect on their quality of life.

Public Health England (external link) provides information and statistics on public health issues.