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Living standards

The Family Resources Survey (external link) provides facts and figures about the living conditions and resources of people across the UK. This includes data on household income, state assistance, household tenure, savings and investments, occupation and employment.

The British Household Panel Survey (external link) was carried out until 2009  to further understand social and economic change at the individual and household level in Britain and the UK.

The Family and Children Study (FACS), formerly known as the Survey of Low Income Families (SOLIF), provides a baseline survey of Britain's lone-parent families and low-income couples with dependent children: search for Family and Children Study at the UK data service (external link)

Information on the standard of living of the household population in the UK, focusing on the lower part of income distribution, as determined by disposable income and changes in income patterns over time is provided by the DWP (external link).

The indices of deprivation identify the most deprived areas across the country. They combine a number of indicators, chosen to cover a range of economic, social and housing issues, into a single deprivation score for each small area in England. These are provided by DCLG (external link).

The Poverty site (external link) is no longer being updated (since 2011) but it contains a list of 100 key indicators of poverty and social exclusion for the UK and for regions within it. Subjects covered include income, work, education, health, housing, crime and neighbourhoods.