Leader and Cabinet

The Leader of the Council is elected yearly at the annual meeting of the Council. The Leader appoints the Deputy Leader of the Council and the Cabinet. The Cabinet meet during the year to make decisions on services and to implement policies.  


Leader of the Council: Councillor Yvonne Gagen
Email: cllr.gagen@westlancs.gov.uk

Cabinet members

The Leader has appointed the Cabinet members below with the following portfolios i.e. area of responsibility:

Councillor Gareth Dowling - Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Communities and Community Safety Email: cllr.dowling@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Vickie Cummins - portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing 
Email:  cllr.cummins@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Jennifer Wilkie - portfolio holder for Street Scene 
Email: cllr.jwilkie@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Anne Fennell - portfolio holder for Planning
Email: Cllr.Fennell@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Adam Yates - portfolio holder for Finance & Economic Regeneration
Email: cllr.yates@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Nicola Pryce-Roberts - portfolio holder for Housing and Landlord Services
Email: Cllr.Pryce-Roberts@westlancs.gov.uk

Councillor Carl Coughlan - portfolio holder for Leisure
Email: Cllr.Coughlan@westlancs.gov.uk








Further information

Further contact details can be found on the Council information system