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Insurance - making a claim

Information for Solicitors

Ministry of Justice Reforms - important information for claimant solicitors

The following information is provided to assist you in submitting Public Liability and Employers' Liability claims directly onto the portal:

West Lancashire Borough Council

Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance provider:

  •  Zurich Municipal Insurance Company PLC
  •  Policy No: QLA-07H080-0193
  •  Portal ID: C00108

If you have any queries please contact a member of our Insurance team

Information for Claimants

If you are not represented by a Solicitor and wish to make a claim then please contact a member of our Insurance Team.

Insurance Team

Insurance and Risk Management Officer, Rebecca Spicer
Email: rebecca.spicer@westlancs.gov.uk 
Tel: 01695 585098

Insurance Claims Investigator, Catherine Kirwan
Email: Catherine.kirwan@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel:  01695 585047


Privacy Notices

For information on what to expect when the Council's insurance section collects or is provided with personal information, please see the Insurance Privacy Notices webpage.







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