Performance management

Performance management is not just collecting facts and figures. It's about making sure that what is supposed to be done gets done.
The council produces a number of strategies and plans directed at achieving our vision and priorities. These plans and strategies contain numerous tasks and targets which, when completed successfully, are the building blocks of our success. The authority’s principle strategy is its Council Plan. Progress against the Council Plan was reported in the Council Plan Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF 8.7MB).
The council uses this framework of strategies and plans to effectively and efficiently manage the council’s performance in an open and transparent way. If we have not achieved something we have set out to do then we tackle it. Performance management is taking action in response to actual performance to help make outcomes better than they would otherwise be.
Although performance management includes monitoring performance indicators, just as importantly it includes the monitoring of strategies and service development tasks, as well as any recommendations and action plans from inspections and reviews. We then assess and monitor our performance against our own previous achievements, and, where appropriate, the performance of other councils.