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Performance indicators

Each year we report on a variety of performance indicators (PIs), for example 'decent council homes as a proportion of total council housing stock'. They are a useful tool to track our progress and service performance year on year.  

PIs can contribute to effective services. They can help improve or maintain performance when used to identify good practice. They can also ensure that we are focused on our priorities and can prompt investigation into poorer areas of performance.  

Although important, we know that monitoring PIs is only one element of assessing the council’s performance. Too much emphasis on PIs would carry with it the risk that the measurement process becomes an end in itself. The Council Plan ensures that the council has a clear focus on action to achieve its priorities.  

We report annually on a corporate suite of indicators that provide key strategic information regarding our priorities with an additional focus on key customer experiences.  

How do we monitor performance?

At a corporate level, we monitor our performance through a suite of performance indicators (PIs) and by ensuring we complete those tasks we have committed to within the Council Plan.

The council's Partnership and Performance Unit acts as the focal point for collating corporate performance information within the council. It produces the quarterly and annual PI monitoring reports as well as the Annual Report of progress against the Council Plan.

PIs are monitored by Heads of Service, Portfolio Holders and within the individual service areas. PIs of particular importance to the authority are reported quarterly to the Corporate Management Team meeting, Cabinet, and Corporate & Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Progress against the Council Plan is formally reported annually to the Council and the public as an annual report.

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