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Personal budgeting support and assisted digital support

Personal budgeting support

Personal budgeting support is about helping claimants adapt to three key changes that Universal Credit (UC) brings:

1. a single household payment

2. paid monthly

3. rent paid directly to the claimant - so the claimant will pay their rent to the landlord themselves.  

Personal budgeting support will assist people who need help managing their money and paying their bills on time as they transition onto UC.  

 There are two elements to personal budgeting support:

  • Money advice to help people cope with managing their money on a monthly basis and paying their bills on time.  
  • Alternative payment arrangements for some claimants who genuinely cannot manage the standard monthly payment and where there is a risk of financial harm to the claimant or their family. This might include rent paid directly to the landlord, a more frequent than monthly payment, or a split payment between partners.

If you feel you would benefit from personal budgeting support please contact Customer services to request a referral. Email customer.services@westlancs.gov.uk or call 01695 585077.

Assisted digital support

If you need to claim Universal Credit but need support in claiming online, help is available through our Assisted Digital Support Service. Please get in touch using details in the contact panel of this page.


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