COVID 19 (Coronavirus) – Report a business

In response to the global outbreak of coronavirus the government has issued a range of safety legislation and guidance.

All businesses in West Lancashire must comply with relevant Regulations and we are working with businesses to ensure they are following COVID-19 government guidance.

Businesses must ensure that they have a robust risk assessment (external link) in place based on the government guidance (external link) to ensure they are operating in a 'Covid-Secure' way, to protect their staff, customers and others.

Common Queries and Concerns

You can find some further information here about specific business requirements:

Report a concern about business or venue non-compliance with COVID-19 rules

If you have queries, concerns or comments (good or bad) about a business or venue COVID-19 compliance, then we would like to hear from you. You can contact us by completing the form below;

Link to report a business or venue non-compliance with COVID19 regulations

To submit this form to us you will need to sign in or register for a self-service account, in the event we have to contact you for more information. However this will be in strictest confidence. If you choose contact us regarding a business or venue, your details will not be shared with them and you will remain anonymous.

This form is to report business concerns in West Lancashire only. You can search for your local authority here (external link) if you're not sure who to contact. For any issues regarding individuals and groups of people not complying with Covid-19 instructions, please contact Lancashire Police (external link).